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The website www.airport.md is a very popular one, because of its valuable information regarding the full schedule of flights operated from/to Chisinau International Airport, which can not be found on any other website. Also a lot of useful information for the passengers, meeting and greeting persons, concerning air travel, can be easily found on the pages of www.airport.md. The number of the visitors to the website is available just on the bottom left corner of the home page.

The placement of the corporate banner on our web-site is an ideal solution for communicating useful information about your company to a wide audience in the shortest time and at an affordable price.
On www.airport.md you can post a banner with the following sizes 300 * 222 px:

  100% display
50% 25%
The price per month 600 Euro 320 Euro 170 Euro

All prices include VAT.

Also you may benefit from the following discount policy:

Discount Period
10% 3 months
15% 6 months
20% 1 year

Banners specifications:

width = 300px
height = 222px
format: jpg / png / gif
maximum size: 700KB

The banners shall be presented in three languages: Romanian, English, Russian.

If there will be more than one requests for placement, the banners will be posted on the same slot, and will rotate every 30 seconds or 1 minute (the time of rotation can be negotiated).

Looking forward to a fruitful cooperation and in case you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours faithfully,
Marketing Division of Chisinau Intl Airport
Contact phone number +373 22 811-533

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