Pregnant women

Pregnant women Many of pregnant women wonder if they can fly on a plane during the pregnancy and if the flight may affect the developing fetus and how they can do it with a less risk. Theoretically, for expectant mothers is safer to fly on first and second trimester of pregnancy but only after the doctor consultation. But, there are some restrictions:

  • It is not recommended to fly in last seven days of pregnancy and during the first seven day’s after birth;
  • The newborns will be not accepted on board during the first seven days after the birth, unless they will provide an medical exemption certificate;
  • Before the 28th week of pregnancy (until the end of 32nd week), you must provide a medical certificate stamped and signed by doctor, which states ability for travel. This certificate, issued not earlier than 72 hours before flight, must be presented at the check-in;
  • Beyond the end of 32nd weeks till the 35th week of pregnancy and in case of complicated pregnancy, it is required a medical certificate stamped and signed by doctor to be presented, which states clearly the ability for travel and also presentation of MEDIF form filled by personal doctor and confirmed by airline doctor.
  • After the 36th week of pregnancy, you will be not accepted on board;
  • The pregnant woman traveling with an infant will be not accepted on board.

For the additional information please contact your air-carrier.

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