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Avia Invest continues the global reconstruction of the Chisinau International Airport terminal!


Avia Invest continues the global reconstruction of the Chisinau International Airport terminal!

Avia Invest expands the area of the second floor from the sterile area of the departure hall of Chisinau International Airport with more than 800 m2. Thus, the surface area for the service of transit passengers and the surface area predestined for passengers' departure were substantially increased. As a result, with the increase of the surfaces, the passenger comfort also increased.
Due to the expansion of the waiting room, Avia Invest also increases the children's play area, which will become more modern.  Also, the Mother and Child's Room was equipped with special equipment offering a high level of comfort.
To increase comfort, Avia Invest has decided to install an advanced elevator from OTIS (OTIS Elevator Company) - one of the world’s largest lifts manufacturers. This will facilitate movement in this area of mothers with strollers, people with reduced mobility and passengers with large luggage. Also, it is remarkable the change of the entire ventilation system for a stronger and more efficient one.

Also, it was increased power conditioning system, covering the entire surface of the waiting room. All work is done according to the highest international standards using the latest equipment.
The waiting room is also a place for recreation; therefore surface areas will be increased so that they become more comfortable. New cafes will be open, as a café-gelateria with crafted ice cream, airports’ own production and an a la carte restaurant.
Business Lounge users will spend time in a new design room with more facilities, services and comfort.
A new element in the process of reconstructing the terminal is to create a separate security control point for transit passengers and to increase the corridor surface.
This will allow the separation of the two passenger flows and avoid queues at the control points.
Therefore, we would like to mention that the conditions for Chisinau Airport passengers have improved considerably. Avia Invest, the concession company of Chisinau International Airport, invests in passenger safety as well as creating conditions with a level of comfort by diversification and offering more new services.


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