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Fire simulation exercises at the Chisinau Airport!


Fire simulation exercises at the Chisinau Airport!

Today, April 12, 2018, a team of rescuers and fire fighters from the Chisinau International Airport took part in exercises that suggested the appearance of an emergency - a fire in the terminal of the Chisinau Airport.

The aim of the exercises was to monitor the airport's transition from normal mode to emergency mode, and to check the level of training of airport services and the organizations with which it interacts for rescue and firefighting activities. The exercises included: the announcement of a fire, the launch of special alarm signals, the announcement of a fire to the special rescue services, the evacuation of personnel from the affected areas.
Two special fire brigades and an ambulance crew were sent to the fire zone. More than 100 people from the firefighting and rescue teams of the Chisinau Airport and the operating personnel of Avia Invest, Aeroport Handling, MGH Ground Handling, as well as representatives of the Civil Defense and Emergencies Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs took part in the exercise.
The aim of the exercise was to simulate a fire at the Chisinau Airport. According to the scenario, a fire on the counter of one of the airlines was triggered by a short circuit and a fire alarm was activated. As a consequence of the spread of fire, an appropriate procedure was initiated for the intervention of special teams to eliminate the consequences of the fire.
Avia Invest annually arranges such exercises, and also organizes practical training for rescuers and a fire brigade. The main goal of the exercise is to check the functionality of the systems with automatic start-up: fire alarms, smoke removal systems, automatic door unlocking systems, automatic shutdown of air conditioning and ventilation systems, automatic fire extinguishing systems, and personnel training. It optimizes the management of emergencies, and also maintains the high level of safety for passengers and personnel at the Chisinau International Airport.

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