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Chisinau International Airport successfully meets abundant snowfall!


Chisinau International Airport successfully meets abundant snowfall!

Thus, in order to ensure the air traffic according to the flight schedules, in the last 24 hours, about 25 units of technical equipment from Avia Invest and additional personnel resources were involved in the snow removal process, with 450,000 sq m of the aircraft moving area being cleaned from the snow.
Despite the snowfall and the severe climatic conditions recorded today, no race operated on / from Chisinau Airport has been detained or canceled thankfully to the snow removal activity at Chisinau International Airport.  
At the same time, a dewiering material was constantly applied, about 30 tons of liquid reagents and 25 tons of granular reagents, as well as modern snow removal equipment, so as to ensure optimum conditions for safe flight operations at Chisinau Airport. Moreover, the technical equipment is ready to intervene at night, as the snow will continue.
We remind that  Avia Invest provided the Chisinau Airport with the modern equipment necessary to intervene at any time in bad weather conditions.
Currently, snow is discharged from the entire surface of motion and operation.


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