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LumenCraft Pub - an exclusive pub opened its doors at Chisinau International Airport!


LumenCraft Pub - an exclusive pub opened its doors at Chisinau International Airport!

A unique pub was opened in the terminal of Chisinau International Airport - LumenCraft Pub. It is created in a modern style, with its own beer factory with the same name, located on airport territory.
In fact, the magic begins beyond its walls: the rigorous selection of ingredients, an inventive process in creating recipes, producing ... and the freshest beer is on your table!

In the last 30 years, craft beer has conquered almost everyone. There is an increasing number of people who enjoy this beer. Passengers enjoy the wonderful opportunity to try a variety of fresh beers prepared now in Chisinau, at International Airport.

The craft beer factory “LumenCraft” proudly presented 9 types of quality beer!
Passengers can enjoy a Hoppy Lager, a Juniper Ale, a Weissbier with chili and a Roasted porter as well as a variety of classic beer types.
It is worth mentioning that one of LumenCraft Pub’s unique offers is Pastrami Sandwich, which is prepared according to the original American Black Angus Beef Brisket Recipe. In addition, for the beer connoisseurs, the chef has prepared a variety of raw dry cured sausages.
Passengers and guests of the Pub appreciated the pleasant ambience and friendly staff. Many say that this is the location where you want to go before flying, the place where the waiting of your loved ones becomes less emotional and more enjoyable or perhaps the place where you can come after a hard working day and indulge a glass of fresh beer in the charming atmosphere of the Airport.

The LumenCraft Pub is open 24/7, which is very pleasant and convenient for visitors of Chisinau International Airport, as well as for the locals of the capital.
Whatever your mood is and whatever beer you choose to drink, either a Hoppy Lager or Belgian Ale, you will definitely feel in the right place.

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