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Avia Invest has finished the concrete works on first 1 250 m of a new runway!


Avia Invest has finished the concrete works on first 1 250 m of a new runway!

Maintaining the pace of reconstruction works and modernization the Chisinau Airport, Avia Invest has announced finishing the concrete works on first 1250 m of a new runway, taxiways and a platform which were reconstructed from the scratch. The works cover the total surface of 100 thousands sq.m.

As a result, the concreting process of the first 1 250 m segment of the new runway has been completed. All works were executed in conformance with highest standards from the biggest airports from Europe. The platform was prolonged with an additional segment of 45 thousands sq.m, which was constructed from the scratch. As a result, Chisinau International Airport now has 27 absolute functional parking lots, which essentially exceeds the obligations of reconstruction the number of aircraft parking spaces planned for the first stage of modernization. In the conditions with high temperatures, company administrator has allocated additional resources necessary for reconstruction process will not be interrupted. Thus, they work at a fast pace and during the night. The number of transport units involved in this process was doubled. Every day there are over 200 workers and 120 cars and special modern equipment involved on the site at Chisinau Airport.

At present, the embankment works of the new runway sideways are almost finished. Works of light beacon on new concrete surfaces for aircraft rolling are also in the process of finalizing. At the same time, works of connecting the electric power for illumination of the platform at nighttime with installation of 13 pylons, with 30 m height are in process.  The whole LED illumination system was produced and installed by worldwide known company, HELLA.
We would like to remind you that Avia Invest has decided to construct the second runway in order not to create any obstacles in air traffic at Chisinau International Airport during the basic runway (3590 m) is in the process of reconstruction. Thus all the possible problems with flights security, passengers or air companies discomfort were avoided, and round-the-clock service was offered at Chisinau International Airport. Also, company-administrator implements the most efficient solutions in order to transform Chisinau International Airport in one of the most modern and secure airports in the region.


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