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Simulation of a fire alarm at Chisinau Airport!


Simulation of a fire alarm at Chisinau Airport!

Today, 6 of July, the rescue and firefighter team of Chisinau International Airport together with the Service of Civil Protection and Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs participated in the exercises with the simulation of an emergency situation in aviation.

The objective of these exercises was to verify the transition of the enterprise’s activity mode of action from normal to emergency regime and to check the level of Airport services and partner institutions readiness for rescue and firefighting procedures.

Not only the “Avia Invest” and Aeroport Handling, MGH Ground Handling staff has participated in training, but also those from the Detachment of Rescuers and Firemen of the Botanica Sector from Chisinau. The scope of the training was to simulate a fire on the Chisinau Airport territory. According to the scenario, IL-18 aircraft asked for refueling. In the process of supply, a malfunction occurred in the power supply, which generated a fire with the threat of spreading. The task of the involved team was to intervene in order to extinct the consecutives of the fire.

By organizing annually such special trainings for rescuers and firefighters’ teams, “Avia Invest” contributes to raising professional level of its stuff members, optimization of risk management and supporting high level of flights security over Chisinau International Airport.


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