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Please find below the list of the answers and questions frequently asked by our passengers

Questions concerning air tickets

  • Where can I book air tickets?
  • How much does an air ticket cost?
  • How many days before the flight should I pay for the booked ticket?
  • Can I buy the ticket for another person?
  • Which are the rules for the air ticket return to the airline or agency?


Air tickets are usually purchased at the air companies or air ticketing agencies, depending on the destination.

The information regarding the cost, booking and payment rules, as well as the return or exchange of the air tickets can be provided by the air carrier or the air ticketing agency where the ticket was bought.

In order to find out which airline to address to, please choose the destination of your flight.

Questions regarding the transportation of goods and foreign currency

  • What amount of alcoholic beverages is allowed for transportation?
  • What amount of money is allowed for transportation?
  • What amount of money shall a passenger have on him when going abroad?
  • What amount of money shall be declared in written form before the flight?


For information, please contact the Airport Customs Office at the number: (+373) 811 581, or visit the page Customs control.

Questions concerning the registered and hand luggage

  • What is the maximum admissible registered luggage weight and the allowed size of the hand luggage?
  • Where should I address regarding the lost luggage?
  • What is the tariff for 1 kg of the overweight luggage?


All the answers concerning the luggage transportation rules, you will find in the Luggage section.

Questions regarding the passports and visas

  • Is it possible to issue visa at the Chisinau International Airport?
  • Where can I get the information about visa requirements for one or another country and what are the visa issuance procedures?


It is not possible to issue visas at the Chisinau International Airport. All the necessary information concerning the visas and documents required to cross the border is provided in the Travel documents section.

Questions about the flights

  • How early before my flight should I arrive at the airport?
  • Where can I find out the information about the departure time?
  • Where can I get the information regarding new destinations opening in the nearest future?


It is necessary to arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to departure.

The information on flights operated at the Chisinau International Airport is displayed in the Flight schedule section.

The information concerning the check-in procedures and the arrival time at the airport before the flight can be found in the Check-in section.

Questions with reference to the breach of employment duties or the abuse of power by different airport subdivisions

  • What should I do if I was extorted money at the airport?
  • What to do in case of the passenger rights violation?


If you witnessed cases of official capacity abuse, corruption, or other breaches while passing through customs or border control, please call the HOTLINE at (+373-22 ) 525-939, or send your message by e-mail The calls are confidential.

Questions concerning training courses and employment for the position of flight attendant or pilot

  • How to sign up for the flight attendant or pilot training course?


The personnel recruitment for positions of flight attendant and pilot is carried out only by air companies. For information about the mentioned training courses, please contact the Airport Training Center, phone: (+373 22) 52 41 54.

Questions about employment at the LLC “AVIA INVEST”

  • Are there any vacancies in Chisinau International Airport?
  • To whom should I send my CV for examination?


Please send your CV by e-mail at: We will contact you, if we are interested in your profile.

Questions regarding the travel rules for unaccompanied minors

  • Which are the traveling rules for the unaccompanied minors up to 18 years old?


For information, please contact the Call-center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration on: 0 800 90 990 (free calls from the fixed phone), +373 22 690 990 (for the international calls at standard pricing), or you can enter the Special categories of passengers - Passengers with children section.

Questions with reference to the cargo transportation

  • Where shall I get the information about the transportation of the departed person’s body ?


For information, please call the Cargo Customs Deposit at: (+373 22) 52 50 90, (+373 22) 52 57 97.

Questions concerning car park options at the airport

  • Is there a car parking at the airport? How much does it cost?


All visitors of Chisinau International Airport are able to use the new automated parking lot with 4 levels, located directly in front of the Terminal. The car park has a capacity of 800 seats, where are included places for the persons with special needs.

The fees for using the parking services

We will be glad to answer your question, if you did not find it in the list given above.

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