Airport History

  • On September 19, 1944 it was started the Moldovan Independent Aviation Squadron, also considered to be the official day of the Civil Aviation foundation in Moldova.

    The destinations of the first flights operated from the Chisinau Airport were the following: Moscow, Sankt-Petersburg, Kiev, Minsk, Caucasus and Crimea.

    In the 1970s a new terminal was built which increased the Airport’s processing capacity. 4. In 1987 the passenger flow reached 1 million per year. The Moldovan capital became a connection point between more than 80 cities of the Soviet Union and more than 20 cities and regions of the republic.

    1987 – the handling capacity reached almost 1 million passengers. Chisinau became a connection point between more than 80 cities of the Soviet Union, also linking more than 20 cities and regions of republic.

    On September 13, 1990 the first official international route Chisinau-Frankfurt was launched.

  • On May 31, 1995 the Chisinau Airport was awarded the status of International Airport.

    In the year 2000 the Airport’s modernization was completed. The reconstruction was carried out from funds provided by the Government of Moldova ($ 3 million) and a loan granted by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development ($9 million). The upgrade was performed by Turkish contractors.

    In 2001 the first EMBRAER-120 aircraft landed on the Chisinau International Airport.

    In 2007 by means of regular and charter flights operated by 15 airlines more than 688.8 thousand passengers were transported to 27 cities from 18 countries of Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

    In 2007 - rebranding of Chisinau International Airport.

  • On April 15, 2008 the Chisinau International Airport signed a Cooperation Memorandum with the State Company “ Airports of Montenegro (“Aerodromi Crne Gore”).

    On May 27, 2008 – the Chisinau International Airport was awarded the Cup “The Best Airport of the Year Among CIS Countries”.

    On October 24, 2008 – the Chisinau International Airport Modernization Project II started.

    On December 5, 2008 – the Chisinau International Airport met its 800,000 passenger.

    On December 22, 2008 the Chisinau International Airport obtained the ISO 9001:2000 Certificate.

    On March 12, 2009 Chisinau Airport started its collaboration with the Giurgiulesti International Free Port.

    On May 12, 2009 the Chisinau International Airport was awarded the distinction of "The Best Airport of the Year Among CIS Countries" for the second year consecutively.

    On May 22, 2009 The German company “Hochtief AirPort GmbH” was announced as winner of the tender for design works within the Chisinau Airport Modernization Project II.

    On September 24, 2009 – the 65th anniversary of the Civil Aviation of the Republic of Moldova was celebrated.

    On November 5, 2009 the Chisinau International Airport announced the start-up of the Project –on the Construction of a Multi-Level Car Park in the vicinity of the Terminal.

    On December 25, 2009 within the Chisinau Airport Modernization Project II, the German company “Hochtief AirPort GmbH” in collaboration with the SE „Chisinau International Airport” organized a workshop during which the draft Master Plan was presented.

    On May 25, 2010 – the Chisinau International Airport was recognized as “The Best Airport of the Year Among CIS Countries" for the third consecutive year.

    On June 10, 2010 the Chisinau International Airport participated in the CIS Route Development Forum .

    On September 22, 2010 the Chisinau International Airport took part in the 16th World Route Development Forum – World Routes 2010.

    On December 13, 2010 - the Chisinau Airport’s team, headed by the Managing Director, Mr. Roman Podcoritov, welcomed its 900,000 passenger.

  • On January 19, 2011 the Chisinau International Airport was Airport Carbon Accredited.

    On February 2, 2011 the Chisinau International Airport has initiated bilateral cooperation with Singapore's Changi Airport.

    On April 28, 2011 the new web site of Chisinau International Airport was officially launched.

    On Мау 24, 2011 Chisinau International Airport won in the “The most dynamically developing airport” nomination of “The best airport of the year among CIS countries" contest

    On July 17, 2011 the mobile version of the Chisinau Intl Airport website has been launched!

    On September 18, 2011 on the occasion of 67th anniversary of the Establishment of Moldavian Aviation, Chisinau International Airport has opened its doors to everyone.

    On September 23, 2011 Chisinau International Airport had organized Training exercises performed by fire and rescue team.

    On September 25, 2011 the first exhibition dedicated to the General Aviation was organized by the Chisinau International Airport.

    Starting with November 25, 2011 Chisinau International Airport’s visitors can admire the aircrafts’ landings and takeoffs, handling operations and the full spectrum of aviation activities in real time, from the new viewing platform „At the top”.

    On December 15, 2011 Chisinau International Airport marked solemnly the event of serving its first one-millionth passenger.

  • On Мау 28, 2013 Chisinau International Airport for the sixth year consecutively is designated as "Airport with the most dynamic development among the CIS countries" with the passenger traffic up to 1.5 million per year.

    On July 16, 2013, for the first time in our Airport a session of plane spotting was held. Those who love aviation had the opportunity to take photos of aircrafts in flight, take-off or landing, and also to see the activity of the main air gate of the country during the whole day.

    On 24 September 2013, Wizz Air, the largest low-cost airline group in Central and Eastern Europe, inaugurated the first flights from Chisinau Airport to Venice Treviso and Rome Ciampino.

    On 31st October 2013, Chisinau International Airport has initiated bilateral cooperation with Manas International Airport from Kyrgyzstan, which provides exchange of experience and common search for a new airline which will create a bridge to Europe, via Chisinau.

    On 1st November 2013, by Government decision of the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau International Airport has been concessioned by LLC AVIA INVEST company, whose founders are: holding Kolomenski Zavod and Habarovsk Airport from Russian Federation.

    On 20th November 2013, flydubai launched the operations to Chisinau offering the first direct air link between Dubai and the Republic of Moldova.

    On 5th of December 2013, Chisinau International Airport hosted the presentation of the scale model of the “Tomorrow’s Airport”

  • On May 28th, 2014 - Chisinau Intl Airport for the seventh year consecutively has been designated as the airport with the most dynamic development among the CIS countries with the passenger traffic up to 1.5 million per year.

    On 1st June, 2014 – Ukraine International Airlines, launched flights en route Kiev – Chisinau – Kiev, with a frequency of 5 times per week, being connected the capitals of Ukraine and Moldova

    On 17th June, 2014 at the Chisinau International Airport took place the ceremony dedicated to start of construction of a multilevel parking at the airport. The ceremony was attended by the General Director of “AVIA INVEST” Ltd. – Mr. Petru Jardan, the General Director of the National Institute of Building and Design “Urbanproiect” - Mr. Yuri Povar, as well as by the General Director of «Exfactor Grup» Ltd. – Mr. Vladimir Tonu.

    On 3rd November, 2014 - AVIA INVEST has started the works on the extension and reconstruction of Chisinau International Airport terminal. The project implies the extension of the terminal with 3860 m2, the reconstruction, redesign and reequipment of 11 000 m2 existing space. Thus, the reconstruction works will include a total area of 15,000 m2.

  • On 16th April, 2015 - Chisinau International Airport took part in the most important regional forum for air transport development – Routes Europe 2015, Aberdeen, Scotland, where for the first time has presented its stand.

    On 17th Mai, 2015 – The opening of the multistage automated parking with a capacity of 800 seats on Chisinau International Airport. The building of the multistage car parking is part of the first stage of the investments within the Contract of assets concession and the related land, under the management of "Avia Invest" LLC.

    On 27th mai, 2015 - Chisinau Intl Airport has been designated as the “Airport with the most dynamic development” among the CIS countries for the year 2014, for the eighth year consecutively.

    On 6th July, 2015 - Chisinau International Airport attended Routes Silk Road forum 2015, dedicated to route development within CIS, which took place in Tbilisi, Georgia.

    On 17th July, 2015 - „Strabag Grup” – the world-known Austrian company, in collaboration with Swiss designer „Intairplan GmbH”, which is a member of WAM AG holding, and other local companies started to rebuild over 500000 m² of Chisinau International Airport working surfaces (the runway, platform, taxiways).

  • On 19th January, 2016 - Chisinau Airport car parking project has been recognized as the best building of 2015, according to the results of the annual contest of the Union of Architects of Moldova.

    On 25th April, 2016 - Vertical garden – a unique project conducted at Chisinau Airport. On this living panel, with a surface of 38 m2, there are 25 perennial species and varietes, inserted into a vertical garden. The arrangement has a total amount of over 1000 plants that give a special visual effect. Vertical gardens, or as they are also called – vegetal walls represent the latest landscape concept of the 21st century.

    On 27th April, 2016The progress achieved by the Chisinau Airport awarded at Routes Europe 2016.Chsinău International Airport exposes its stand for the 4th time at the biggest event with a major importance in aviation – Routes Europe 2016. The exhibition which is taking place in Krakow, within 23-26 of April, gathered more than 100 airline companies, 300 airports, 5000 meetings and 1200 professionals and experts in civil aviation.

    On 8th July Passanger registration area from Chisinau International Airport is extended and completely renovated !


    On 22Th September First Atlas Global flight on the Chisinau - Istanbul connection operated from Chisinau International Airport!


    On 27th September Baggage checking system of the latest generation at Chisinau International Airport!


    On 3th October 2016 Fully modernized power supply system at Chisinau International Airport!


    On 5 october 2016  Wizz Air announce the opening of the operational base at Chisinau International Airport in 2017!


    On 15th November  2016 The first fragment of reconstructed runway strip was opened at Chisinau International Airport !


    On 26th December 2016 The largest video wall in the airports of Europe, CIS countries installed at Chisinau Airport!


    On 20th March 2017 A premiere for the Republic of MoldovaAvia Invest builds a second runway at the Chisinau International Airport !




     On 13th  May Chisinau International Airport opened its gates for aviation enthusiasts from Linz!The intense pace of development and modernization of Chisinau International Airport was also noted by the Aviation Association Linz Airport, which expressed its interest and desire to see on its own the major changes made to the main air gate of the country.


    On 25th May Avia Invest was awarded for its significant contribution to the development of Chisinau International Airport!,,Avia Invest,, has been designated as the company in CIS countries that in 2016 contributed the most to the development of an airport with passenger traffic of up to 5 million per year. It is worth mentioning that for the first time in the history of Chisinau International Airport activity, it was granted an award in this category, which shows an intense pace of modernization.


     On 1th June The ‘Family Lane’ counter was inaugurated for the first time at the Chisinau Airport for the fast passage of families!‘Avia Invest’ has prepared a lot of surprises to mark the first summer day and the International Children's Day, congratulating small passengers and their parents.


    On 9th June Arnulf Pucher – Technical Director of Strabag Grup ‘Wide reconstruction project of Chisinau Airport is an exclusive one for the Republic of Moldova’!


    On 27th June The first wireless trolleybuses from the center of Chisinau to the Chisinau International Airport!


    On 6 of July 2017, the rescue and firefighter team of Chisinau International Airport together with the Service of Civil Protection and Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs participated in the exercises with the simulation of an emergency situation in aviation.


    On 7th of July 2017 Maintaining the pace of reconstruction works and modernization the Chisinau Airport, Avia Invest has announced finishing the concrete works on first 1250 m of a new runway, taxiways and a platform which were reconstructed from the scratch. The works cover the total surface of 100 thousands sq.m.


    On 24th of July 2017, the first segment of the new runway with a length of 1250 m and a width of 45 m was inaugurated at Chisinau Airport. The LED lighting system, which is produced and installed by the world famous company HELLA, has been completely rebuilt. The works have been carried out according to projects implemented in the largest European airports, meeting the highest standards.


    On 25 September 2017 -Chisinau International Airport conquers the conference in Catalonia - under this title an article was published in one of the most important professional publications in the aviation industry "Anna Aero".
    “Avia Invest” proudly represents the Republic of Moldova and the Chisinau International Airport at the largest international exhibition in the field of air transport - "World Routes 2017".
    The Routes Conference is considered one of the most anticipated and serious world aviation events. This is a global platform with over 3,000 delegates from airlines and airports.


     On 2 october 2017 - RECORD: over 35,000 people have watched an exceptional aviation show at Chisinau Airport!


Airport Today

Airport history

The Chisinau Airport is located at the junction between the commercial roads of Asia and Europe and is the main air gateway of the Republic of Moldova, being concessioned by LLC „Avia Invest”- the management company – investor since November 1, 2013, by a decree of the Government of RM. Being situated 13 km away from the centre of the capital, the Chisinau Airport (IATA: KIV; ICAO: LUKK) is the main and biggest airport of the Republic of Moldova.

The runway is 3590 metres in length and 45 metres in width with the assigned 4C- code , being operable 24 hours a day. The airport runway built during the soviet period is one of the longest in the Eastern Europe.

A segment of the runway with a length of 1 km was rebuilt and currently is already operable. Following the reconstruction works carried out on the first segment of the runway, there was increased the bearing capacity of its shells up to a value greater than 70 units instead of 51 PCN index, the previously existing one. Moreover it has already been extended in width from 45 m to 60 m.

Similarly, the works of change and modernize the lighting system of the runway segment of 1 km have been completed. Later, after the reconstruction of the entire runway, CIA will receive unrestricted all types of aircrafts including Boeing high capacity 777, 767, 787; Airbus A330, A340, A310.

As a result of works performed, it will increase the operational capacity of the airport, so that on AIC will be ensured an air traffic of 21 airplanes / hour, which will significantly increase the interest of several new airlines to operate from KIV.

Currently, 19 airlines are operating charter flights and scheduled flights to / from Chisinau International Airport to 40 destinations worldwide.
Chisinau International Airport is a member of the Airports Council International (Europe Region), "Airport" Association of CIS Civil Aviation and ALFA ACI (L'association des Aeroports de Langue Francaise Associes a l'Aeroports Council International).

Due to its advantageous location and excellent transport networks the Airport is an ideal starting point for both tourist and business trips. Main priorities of the Chisinau International Airport team is to ensure the safety of flights at a high level and to provide high quality of services.

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